Davie Mac's Gallery 1!
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Gallery 1

These Pictures are of my last night out before I came to London (22/09/04)

Titchy and Erin Da Cruz Awwwww! When will Crombie Ask me Out? Titch, Paul and Hutchy Ando and Erin Milne and Crombie Tom Mlne and Me

My uni mates and flat last year(25/09/2003 - 05/07/2004)

Nick (Work Mate) Ben (Work Mate) Kirsty (X - Flat Mate) Jeff (X - Honarary Flat Mate) Laura and Alison (Flat Mates) Seething Wells The Locals The Flat From Outside (In Case You Didn't Guess!) T Block My Flat Kitchen Kitchen My Room My Pod My Tennets

These are photo's of my mates at my 18th (28/03/03)

Ando, Ian and Brian Balf and Amy (Worst picture ever!) Cantlie and Doogs (They're not brothers!) John and Titch Muff, Dave and Milne Pudgy

Here are two photo's from my sixth year ball.

The Sixth Year Rugby Boys (Blair, Brian, Tom, Wallace, Ando, Me, Milne) The A-Team (Group who I did my Duke Of Edinburgh with) (Alfie, Balf, Doogs, Milne, Me)

Photo Gallery