Davie Mac's Gallery 2!
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Gallery 2

Jeff's Birthday party (16/10/04)

Mike as Tyler Durton Kirsty and Kassy, Hello! Jen, Will and Lee Who da Man! Mike and Jen Lee and Me Mike (Just being weird!) (Lee) (Jen)

My London House!

My Room My Room Upstairs Upstairs The kitchen The kitchen Downstairs The Living Room The Living Room (Balcony door is at the back there)

The A-Team's Duke Of Edinburgh (for fun) hike in the Scottish Highlands, 40 miles (05/09/04 - 08/09/04)

Setting Off Just Started First Stop Eh...Walking... Water Stop View Group Shot! Curry Anyone! Mmmm! Morning View View Bath Time! Puke Bothy...Ewwww!(Shivvers!) Morning Day 4 (Had a bad day 3!) Frozen Shoes Camp Site Balf's not a morning person! Me Jamie We're not hitching a ride in the back of some guys trailor... jamie is also not hitching a ride in the back of some guys trailor See! Alfie's walking! And we're definatly not getting a lift in the back of a horse truck! I can tell you that for sure! About to go home

Photo Gallery