Davie Mac's Gallery 4!
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Gallery 4

Burn's Night 24/02/04

Cooking Our Haggis Neeps and Tatties! Gaz as a True Scot! Looking Good Gaz! Address That Beeatch! FREEDOM!!!!  :o)

Frantic gives you MORE 12/02/05

(Not many pics cause I was too busy clubbing!)

Just Inside The Club (Plus Insane Dude) God (Phil Reynolds) God and Me!!!!!! (Woohoo!)

New Year 31/12/04

The Street Getting Ready! Balfour In His Lovely New Top! Group Photo! Pretty Busy! Still Pretty Busy! Group Photo! Spot The Canadian! Country Dancing Anyone!?

Christmas Bash 27/12/04

Dinner Dinner Dinner Opening Secret Santa Presents There's Not Much I Can Say About This! Random Group Shot Erin & Scott (Awww!) Bed Banter! Dunno Really!? Marmaris! (Sniff, such good times!)

Photo Gallery