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Welcome to my palace!

I admire a nice looking women when I see one and I really appreciate the length a good looking women will go to in order to attract males that is why I have devoted this page to some of the best in the world! These (in my opinion!) are the crème de la crème of the females. They have worked really hard and because I'm a nice guy, I will write about them and help them get noticed (it's not because I want to, this is completely selfless!). Here are my top five.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kylie Minogue
Angelina Jolie
Rachel Stevens
Melinda Messenger

I have a very fine collection of photos of each of these on my wall and PC and I would be more than happy to tell people where they might find pictures. Just e-mail me on: Big_Dave_262@Hotmail.com But just to give you a little taster, here are of the best ones of each my collections for each lady (in order of the list above).

Right-click any image and select open in a new window then right-click the image and select 'save picture as..'. If you go to my Links Page then you can find a list of sites with huge archives of pictures.

Jennifer Love('s Dave) Hewitt Kylie Minogue Angelina Jolie.jpg Rachel StevensMelinda Messenger