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Oh Mamma!

Johnny BravoThe legend himself! Reflects my inner self! What a guy, a hero. He's actually a real loser! Johnny has the looks of James Dean, the cool of Arthur Fonzarelli, and the blind romantic persistence of Pepe Le Pew. He also has the mock-Elvis voice of toon talent Jeff Bennett and the everlasting love of his mother, Bunny Bravo (Voiced by acting veteran, Brenda Vaccaro).

However, Mama and the adoring 8-year old neighbor are the only women who pay any attention to this ladies man-unless you count the times he's hit with pepper spray.

But now there's enough of "Johnny Bravo" to go around, with each of the 13 episodes featuring three new shorts.

Johnny BravoThe biceps-building adventures are enhanced by a cadre of current and vintage celebrity voices (including John Astin, Mayim Bialik, Tom Bosley, Gabrielle Carteris, Farrah Fawcett, Chuck D, Montal Jordan, Donny Osmond, Adam West, Jonathan Wingers, Daphne Zuniga, Godzilla, Doc Brown, Frank Drebbon, Dave McLean...The list goes on) some of whom will appear as animated versions of themselves.

I have some random wav's and pics for you all to download and laugh at! The best one's are the 911 wav, Micky wav and the winidog wav!

These are the Wav's. To download, Right-click the wav and select 'Save Target As'.

Man I'm Pretty!
Cyber Sapce
When Dreams Come True
Fine Dog
Good Hair Day?
Heart Breaker
Hey Micky!
Hello 911?
Really Old Really Fast
Statue Of David?
She Wants Me!

These are the pictures, right-click then open in a new window. After that, right-click the picture and select 'save target as..':

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