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This is my Links Page

On this page I'm going to share with you all the sites I regularly visit and sites I have got some of my information off. Please visit them as they are very helpful. They are not all links to the home pages of the sites so I'd ask you to find a link to the home page of the site when the page opens. If you don't want to leave my site then right-click the link and select 'open in a new window'.

Big Brother:
Big Brother Online - Fan site dedicated to the show.
Big Brother - The Official Big Brother Site.

Electronic Stuff:
MHC-S9D - My Hi-Fi
Compare Store Prices - Shoppers Must See!
Technics Guide 1 - 1210's? Have a look!
Technics Guide 2 - 1210's? Have a look!

Films and TV:
TV Adverts - Almost Every TV Advert available for downloading!
Counting Down Movies - they have a lot of info on a lot of films!
Script-o-rama - A huge archive of scripts!
Fast Rewind - Whole archives on movies from the 80's like Back to the future and Naked Gun.
Red Dwarf - Official Site with latest news and info.

Party Games - For drunk fun!
Transport Tycoon - Only guy in the world who's better at this game than me!

Bar Room Jokes - A great laugh
Funny Mailer - I get one everyday and they're really good.
Irn-Bru - Wanna wind up yer mates!?

The Rubicks Cube:
Solving The Cube - A new speedy (but complicated) way.
Solve it again! - Speed Cubing
Solve it one more time! - Yet another method!

My Women:
Actress Archive - Mass of women!
British Celebs - Mass of British Celebs!
God's Wife - As it says, God's wife.
Lara Croft - The Computer Girl! Hundreds of wallpapers!
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Cool Fan Site

If anyone wants to contact me about anything, if you want to share an interest, point out a spelling mistake or correct a fact I've written, please just e-mail me at: Big_Dave_262@Hotmail.com