Davie Mac!
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It's Me!

Dave McLean Himself This is the (boring!) point in my web site when I get to tell you a little bit about me, what I'm doing at the moment and how I got here.

I was born in Dundee, Scotland on 28/03/85 (that makes me 19!). I have lived all my life in the same house in the infamous town/village called Wormit.

I went to Wormit primary school and messed around for seven years then when that was done, I went to Madras College in St. Andrews for six years. Madras is named after the place in India (not the curry!) and although it's called a college, it's actually a secondary school!

Spot The Dog at work! The school is split into two halves. One half is known as Kilrymont, it's an upside down bin. It has paint peeling off the walls, chewing gum on every seat and it's teaching resources aren't the best (but they're probably pretty good compared to the rest of scottish schools!). Fortunately it is only the law to go there for the first 3 years of your secondary education! After that it's off to South Street.

South Street is where I met a lot of new friends. Click here to view some ugly pictures of my mates! The days of South Street are finished for me now though. I have left school after completing my exams and sixth year. I look back and see fond memories of sports days, english (this doesn't have a capital at the start to show my disrespect and hatred for the subject!), lunch and gambling! Sigh! What a life!

Now I'm in London baby! I have moved here to go to Kingston University where i'm studying Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics (basically rocket engineering). I had to be in Kingston University to do this course as they're the only people who do it! I'm in second year at the moment, Click Here to see what I'm up to at the moment. I also have a part-time job at Blockbusters which is ace providing me with some money and 7 free rentals a week! Woohoo!

In my spare time I DJ by the name of Spot The Dog, play my PC, make this web site! Work at Blockbusters and watch DVD's! Please browse the rest of my site and let me share my interests with you.

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If you have any queries or would just like to E-mail me for the hell of it my e-mail is: Big_Dave_262@Hotmail.com