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The Bibl(Ahem)...
The Matrix

The most incredible films ever! "Mind-blowing stunts. Techno-slamming visuals. Mega-kick action. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Morpheous (Laurence Fishburne) lead the fight to free human kind in The Matrix, the cyber thriller that you will watch again and again. Written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, the story sears, the special effects stake out new movie making territory the movie takes your breath away." I am a huge fan of these films and have watched them over and over and over and..... They're incredible. If anyone has any questions about the film what so ever, I invite you to share them with me as I am such a big fan that chances are, I will be able to answer them for you!

I would STRONGLY advice anyone who hasen't seen the film(s) to watch them first and then to read this to make it clear in your head.

The Matrix CodeThe film trilogy is set somewhere near 2199 where the whole world has been taken over by an artificial intelligence that humans created. These machines need energy and originally used the sun (solar power) until they started to use us. They keep everyone in the world in pods (a pod each) and use our bio-electricity and energy from our body heat. Now obviously anyone in a pod would just get out but, they attach our brains to a giant computer system. It's almost like a virtual reality game of life in which every human being is connected too. It's called 'The Matrix'. What they're saying is that right now, you think you're at a computer reading this but that's only because your mind is being told you are. You are ACTUALLY in a pod. Morpheous and Trinity have escaped The Matrix and 'hack' it every so often to find 'The One'. A human being born inside The Matrix with the ability to remake The Matrix, change The Matrix as he see's it. The Oracle (a 'special' human in The Matrix) made a prophesy that the coming of The One would create the destruction of The Matrix. That his coming would see the end of the war (war between humans and machines). The whole first film is dedicated to finding and freeing the new star of the film Neo. He goes on a journey through life and death to get himself to believe he is 'The One'. By the end of the film (ifyou don't want to know, look away now!), it is discovered that he is The One.

Neo (The One)The second film opens up a whole new world. The second film is set half and half. Half the film is set in 'The Real World', the other half is set in 'The Matrix'. The only city left in the whole world, Zion. It has a population of 250,000 and growing. Zion is made of earth, stone and steel. It's deep underground near the Earth's core where it's still warm. The machines are digging. Recently they have noticed that an army of machines (they don't look like T1000's by the way!) are digging and getting closer to Zion for an attack. Naturally the humans are scared but Morpheous, Trinity and Neo aren't as they are 'aware' that the prophesy will soon be fulfilled and the war will be over. This is where it gets a little complicated. The prophesy states that 'The One' will walk through a door in the matrix which only he can open. When he does, the war will be over. So, Neo does, after a long battle through The Matrix, he gets to the door and walks through it to find an old guy sitting on the other side. This old guy is the architect of The Matrix. He created the whole thing (He's actually a machine). I want you to imagine The Matrix as being a huge sum of precision and mathematical equations that are all equally balanced exactly and perfectly. This is what the architect describes as the first Matrix. He says it was a disaster. He continued to make Matrix's but they all failed so he seaked someone else who could help him. A program in The Matrix originally designed to analyse aspects of the human psyche. This program is called the 'Oracle'. Together they came up with a Matrix which 99.9% of humans inside it would accept provided they are given choices in life. So what the Matrix does is, it makes your decisions for you but leads you to believe that you're making the decision. That way the machines have complete control. Back to this 99.9%. That means that 0.1% are not going to accept it and are going to break free like Neo - Just kicked Ass!Morpheous, Neo, Trinity and anyone else in Zion who wasn't born there. The Architect is willing to accept this because as long as he knows about it then he at least has some control over the situation. So, what he does is he and the Oracle makes this 'Prophesy' which the humans believe. They make The One and let us fight a battle. All the time we're fighting a story. The Prophesy was made up to keep us busy. Then when The One gets to the architect (bearing in mind The Matrix has no effect on choices people make outside it) he is forced with a choice. He says that Zion is going to be destroyed one way or another. Walk out door one, and we'll destroy Zion and The Matrix (resulting in the death of everyone pugged into The Matrix) meaning the human race will be extinct. Walk out door two and we'll destroy Zion but we'll let you go into The Matrix and choose a few people to come out and rebuild Zion (are you picking it up yet). He doesn't say it but basically the architect, again, has control because they rebuild Zion and so everything repeats it's self until the whole thing is back in the present situation then it repeats it's self and so on and so on. So the architect is controlling the situation. But, because neo doesn't believe in fate, he chooses the door that we all wouldn't. That's where the film leaves us.

The third film starts as a continuation from the first as they were both made at the same time. There is a very important person in the film which up until now I haven't mentioned because his relevance isn't clear until the third film. Agent Smith. In The Matrix, there are agents. These agents are computer programmes from within the system, they are none existant in the real world but take on a human shape/figure in The Matrix. They are also infinatly stronger and faster than a human (because they're not human!).Zion, The Last Human City They're porpose is to rid (basically kill) The Matrix of the people who rebel against it, like Neo, trinity etc. In the first film, Neo realises he is 'The One' and he 'destroys' Agent Smith. Then in the second film, he comes back (Who that works isn't entirly clear but what is clear is that there has become some sort of conection between Neo and Smith. He comes back no longer an agent but still a programme, and since his programme (to rid the rebels) has been destroyed by Neo (from the first film) he now has no porpose, and he's pissed off about it. He also manages to find a way to copy himself by thrusting his and in anyone. Anyone he does this too dies and there body is kept used by a clone of Smith. Morphoeus is still trying to get over the fact that the prophasy was a lie and has great difficulty. Basically, there is a big war with Zion fighting a losing battle with machines which start destroying Zion. After Neo again talks to the Oracle she gives him some advice (of which he doubts is true because of what he is told be the Architect, he believes it though) which he takes. Smith is getting out of control, he has copied thousands of himself and thretons the entire Matrix itself. In a losing battle with no possible way out, Neo manages to strike a deal with the machines. Neo, in return for peace, says he will destroy Smith. The machines except and they hack him into The Matrix. Smith and Neo fight for ages until Neo realises that if he dies, Smith will take his body which would be plugged to the machines. He lets Smith kill him. The machines kill off Smith and Zion is left alone.

If I were to say everything that happens in the film, I'd go on for three times longer than I have done, so I haven't but there is A LOT more story and people that I have mentioned. If you've (just been the irst person ever to have) read the above and still don't think you'd like it then I think you're crazy! I love the films so much and they have inspired me to write a film of my own someday. If you've (just been the irst person ever to have) read the above and have seen the film then I hope I've cleared up any miss-haps you had. If still in doubt then Big_Dave_262@Hotmail.com

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