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Download The Game... Free!

If you have seen my site, learned about the game and are keen to start a world wide empire of your own then click the link below. This will take you to a site where the downloading of the game is possible. My site's size will not acommodate the game and my site so I've had to put this link in. The "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" and "Transport Tycoon Deluxe Windows Version (NEW)" links should be adaquate (I use the DOS version in windows ME for example). The files are in Zip format.

If you're having trouble with Transport Tycoon Deluxe on Windows XP then fear not, there is a cure for that! Click the direct link to the officail patch website and download the patch there. Unzip the file into your transport tycoon directory and read the help file that comes with it. The help file is idiot proof so it should tell you everything you need to know! It helped me a great deal! (one other pointer, when it talks about changing switches in a cfg file, right click the file and open with note pad).

Please note that I do not endorse the downloading of illegal software. It's you're descision (19/April/04)

Download Transport Tycoon Deluxe - The Game

Download The Transport Tycoon Deluxe Windows XP Patch

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