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How to Play

Brief Summary:

Transport Tycoon is a game made in the mid 90’s which presents you with a, drastically smaller than the normal, world made up of numerous small towns and raw material resources. You've got a large amount of borrowed money and you've got to prove yourself. Get on your way to becoming the most successful transport company in the world.

Matched against a group of ruthless rivals (depending on how hard you want to make it on yourself), you have to act fast to build stations, airports, docks, linking roads, and rail/air/ship-networks that move passengers, mail, raw materials and manufactured goods to the most lucrative destinations in order to make money. As the years go by, you have the chance to buy more advanced and faster vehicles, If you can afford them! You have to build train stations, docks, airports and Bus and Lorry Depot’s and make money by connecting areas requiring transport services. You have to deal with moody town councils who judge your transport company and tell you what they think of you (don’t try and get a town to like you because they’ll only hate you for it!), and occasionally you have to deal with disasters such as Bus, truck and aircraft malfunctions or crashes. Try the game and you'll be hooked.

Summary on How to Play:

You start the game in 1950 and you already have a loan of £100,000, but you are more than welcome to take any amount of money up to £500,000, depending on how hard you make it for yourself and provided you can pay it all back!

The game presents you with a choice of 4 scenarios (each of which will produce a randomly generated landscape), which are made up of small towns and raw material resources with Goods-making Buildings (such as factories etc.). Or, if you prefer, you can create your own landscape using the world editor (In the editor you can start in any year from 1950 to 1975).

When you first start you will get a window displayed on the screen.

Begining Screen
(Like the one shown above)

As you can see, it has a wonderful variety of good-looking faces! The one above is just a random one. If you click on the new face button then you can decide on a face, Male or Female.

You also get to choose the colour of your company and vehicles (Both have to be the same), The name of you, and your companies’ name. You also have to set up or ‘Build’ your HQ, using the button at the top, it starts off as a shabby bungalow with a path and gradually changes to a great mansion. This is your company now set up and ready for action.

From there on you have to spend your money wisely and try and pay back your loans a.s.a.p. Watch out for subsides because they are very beneficial. The town, factory etc. can pay you as much as 4 times the usual amount. So if a train gives you an income of £10,000 a year then (obviously) this becomes £40,000 and that’s a big differences!

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