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Has a new company started? Wanna take advantage? Here's how:

Let's assume a new company is launched and starts construction near Dartford City. Watch their construction progress. If the rival is building a rail or road line, wait until it is nearly completed and then invest 75% in that company. When the tracks or roads are finished, the rival will buy new vehicles for that route and its net worth will jump. Sell the stock and then count your loot! This doesn't work well for airplanes, however, as the rival builds the airports and planes in the same instant, preventing you from investing.

Next, the rival will probably take out a larger loan. If the rival has already borrowed the maximum, then you can forget about investing in it. However, if the rival can still borrow more money, it probably will. Read this carefully: The rival won't borrow more money until the first day of the second quarter after it was started. So, if Dartford Transport is started on January 1st (1st quarter), it will borrow on July 1st (3rd quarter, two quarters later). If Dartford Transport is launched on June 30th (last day of the second quarter), it will borrow on October 1st (first day of the 4th quarter, two quarters later). This is very hard to explain, but if you'll observe the habits of a few different rivals, you should be able to pick up on this pattern.

Figure out the date when the rival will borrow, and invest 75% in it on the day before. If all goes well, the rival's net worth will jump by £100,000 or more. Don't sell your stock just yet as the rival's stock may continue to rise. When the rival borrows £100,000, it will usually start construction on another project. It will build, build, build and then buy more vehicles. The net worth will jump again! If the rival's money runs low, it may borrow some more money, causing the net worth to jump even more. Eventually, however, the company will stop borrowing money and will put a halt to new construction. At this point, sell your stock because the rival's value will start to decline.

Beware, if the stupid AI builds two stations that can't be connected (i.e. two train stations with a huge city in between them and no hope of bypassing it whatsoever), don't invest! The rival's net worth only rises when it successfully completes construction and buys new vehicles. If the rival has to give up, the net worth will drop. Since the AI is quite stupid, this can happen frequently. Keep an eye out.

Playing the stock market can cause huge incomes, even before you build your first train. If done successfully, you can pay off your loan with money to spare. Playing the stock market is harder when you have fewer opponents and when the maximum loan is low. If you try this when you have 7 rivals and a maximum loan of £1,000,000, you should make quite a killing!

For a real challenge, try to play an entire game by only playing the stock market -- don't build anything! If the difficulty settings are set up right, this could probably be accomplished. I haven't yet had a chance to try this.

Sabotage the Competition!

Whether you’ve found out about it or not, I’m going to tell you the truth (so brace yourself!): The AI computer competition has some built-in advantages. For example, some of the advantages are:

          1. Computer Player's don't pay to raise or lower land blocks.

          2. Computer Player's don't have any effect on the city councils

          3. Computer Player's station ratings don't fall below a certain percent.

Block truck and bus routes

Bankrupt those irritating competitors with the following cool trick. Disable his/her truck and bus routes by creating extra roads. Choose a section of his road, which connects his two stations together. The competitors in this example are red.

And then build a ‘Short Cut’ road or a road which the vehicles shall take instead of their own like so (I understand this isn't really a short cut but they fall for it!):

What have you done? As you know, You cannot erase a piece of competitors road, So by doing this, the vehicles are now on your road and territory so you can do what you like with them! Build an extension to the road:

After this, sit patiently until the traffic drives onto your road again then cut off the road before the extension so that they have nowhere else to go. Make sure you cut this off AFTER the vehicles have driven onto your road otherwise your road is not taking them to where they want to go and so they’ll follow their original road.

Cut the road off and put it back to normal so that you can catch the other vehicles aswell, and try and move the caught vehicles out of the way.

Catch them in the same manor and once you’re finished you can move them almost anywhere you want and no matter what happens, they will ALWAYS keep moving and there will never be a depot for them to be sold or get serviced.

Sabotaging Ships.

This is so straightforward that I'll only need to show you one picture. They don't build ships very often but when the do, get depots and surround them.

Sabotaging Planes.

Very limited here. A competitor will usually build their airports out from the city so, if you've got a good enough reputation, you can try to bulldoze as many houses in the airports catchment area untill there are none left and the airport accepts nothing. The plane waits forever for nothing. Just make sure you put railway over the house plots you destroyed so new houses are not made in the old ones place.

Sabotaging Trains.

And you thought it couldn't be done! Oh how wrong you are! It is possible and it's very simple. You are going to effectively place one of your trains onto the opponent's track. When there are two trains on your own single-line track, one train will stay in the depot whilst the other one does the route so they don't crash. This is what you're going to do here. In Transport Tycoon, there is a 'back door' to all the depots. This is your entrance. Find a competitors rail line and set up the following. I'm in blue, they're in green.

Then you are to build the cheapest train available to you. You'll notice when you tell it to go, it won't. This is because there is another train 'on the line' so hit the traffic lights button in the trains window. This tells it to disobey its current orders (it's orders are to stop because another train's on the line). The train will start to go.

Once it is on the track, stop it. The competitors train wont register your train until it goes into its depot for a regular service. When it does, it can't get out. Its engine keeps running and the opponent doesn't sell it. Your train doesn't lose you any money either because it's stopped. Simple!

If you have any more questions then don't be afraid to contact me.

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