Davie Mac? What Now?
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What Now?

This page is all about what's happening to me now. It should be regularly updated so check in every so often to see what's going down

Wednesday 9th March 2005

Hello! I have had no concept of time over the last few weeks. Our clas has been given a total of 9 assignments from all our modules and it's a nightmare! Every spare moment I have is going into it! That's why I can't write much as I have to go do some and this is a distraction!
Haven't done much, had another work night out and just been doing loads of work. Monopoly in a week and a half! very excited. Gonna buy the T-Shirts very soon.

Friday 25th February 2005

Had a most banterous few weeks!
After my mate Rich taking badly to some sort of chest infection (stop the fags!) I was left desserted in London with two tickets to a MASSIVE night out in London. I text everyone I knew (pretty much!) including people back home in Scotland and finally Sheanne answered my call! What a star! She came down on the train, arriving at Kings Cross at 22:50 to wich we then went to the club and had a great time! The night ended at 6:00 and we made our way back for Sheanne to get on a train home about 8:00. Thanks Sheanne!
I proceeded to make my way home after that (determined to stay awake). I managed to get to Waterloo alright but then fell asleep on the train back to Kingston! I ended up in Chesington being woke up by the train driver shouting at me because the train had terminated! I ended up not getting back till about 11am (should have been about 9am)!
Still well worth it though. I put some pictures up here.
Last Saturday night was a good one. Cause Nick and Gaz went out Friday night and got drunk (whilst I was working!), they didn't want a heavy Saturday so we decided to stay in and watch a few movies (Bourne Identity (Supremecy to follow) and Top Gun (They'd never seen it, I made them watch it!) and invent the greatest drinking game of ALLLLLLLL time! A Halo 2 Drinking Game..........(Pause whilst you get your head around what a great idea that is!)......
The rules are simple. Everytime you kill someone, you have to take a drink. Double Kill = Double Drinks, if you get a killing spree (5 kills) = 5 Drinks, Running Riot (10 Kills) = 10 Drinks, Rampage(15) and Untouchable(20) etc. it was sooooooooo good. Because I'm ace (Ahem :o)) I ended up getting really drunk really fast (2 pints in 10 mins!) so my performance rapidly decreased and the other guys started to make more kills (on me!) and they got drunk and it all levelled out at the end of the night with really close scores and all drunk! Try it!
Also had a burns night last night (I know, very late!) but it was soooooooo good and the lads enjoyed the Haggis! Woohoo! Gaz wore my kilt and addressed the Haggis! It was so funny! I put pictures of that up here as well.
Just finneshed uni for the day now so gonna go do course work as I know have 6 coursework assignments and I think they might just be starting to snowball!

Sunday 6th February 2005

Phew, what a hectic (sp?) few weeks it's been!
My exams went quite well and I'm getting a few pieces of course work back now which seemed to have gone well so I'm quietly confident (fingers crossed everyone!)! So after a banterous week back home with NOTHING on my mind (Bliss!) and drinking a lot of Tennent's I have returned to Kingston.
My first day back at uni was really good because, for the first time in a year and a half on a space-related course, I started my first space-related module! It's been really good so far and although I know a lot of it already (cause we've only just started) it's still my favourite class. We got taught all about the history of astronomy and all about famous scientist etc. (fellow geeks will appreciate that!).
As well as that I have just started my job once again but this time it's under new managment (thank God!). Before I left the place was a bit of a mess and everyone hated the manager. Now the whole place has been tidied and is far more efficient! Instead of finnisheing an 11'o'clock shift and leaving at about 11:50 (closing duties) we now leave about 5/10 past 11. It's great! I can get much earlier (more regular!) trains home and be in bed nice and early!
I brought some haggis down with me so I could introduce it to my mates here for our own (very very) belated burns night! Although I am still to set a date for that.
I'm off to another Frantic night in London again with my mate rich on sat 12th of February which should be wicked again! I can't wait and am very, very, extremely excited!
I've also added some more pictures to the gallery from the christmas/new year period. I apologise for the late delay but I have been very busy and it's difficult to upload loads of pic's from my home PC (Sigh, Dial up!).
Catch Ya Later

P.S. Let me know how your Monopoly travel plans are coming along as no one's contacted me in a while.

Friday 14th January 2005

Well it's been an excellent christmas and new year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!
Christmas was good, general banter! It was just good to be back at home with my folks and stuff (after 12 weeks in london). It was very nice to be back.
For hogmanay, I went to the Edinburgh street party with Alfie and Balf,. It was pretty cool. I don't have any picture of it at the moment cause my home PC crashed (windows isn't working) so I can't get to the files but I really want them! (I'm a bit worried!) but I'll get them up as soon as I can (cause Alfie has some!). We first had a few bears and played a bit of pool then it was on to the street where we bantered all night! We spoke to so many randoms, you had to be there! Fireworks and then a massive (no idea how to spell!) cayleigh (barn dancing for you English folk!) which was ace!
We stayed there till bout 2am then went back to a house party to play the ultimate drinking game! Kings (It's feckin ace!). Stumbled home bout 7.
Since then I've just been revising for Exams. Had 1 yesterday and the day before. the one yesterday was a complete joke, the day before wasn't so funny! One more on wednesday (Maths)!
Had a work night out last night which was a lot of fun. Generally got drunk and had an ace time with my work mates. I meant to take my camera with me for that but forgot! Doh! So I have no pictures of that either! (or i'm sad with no mates, actually living in dundee making up that I go to Kingston Uni!).
Gotta go now, I'll write again in about a week. (I'm back in scotland 20th - 29th jan).

Saturday 18th December 2004

Itís over! Iíve successfully managed to complete my first semester of year 2! Woohoo! It took a lot of work and dedication (donít really know how I coped!) but now I can now look forward to getting home (after an 11 hour bus journey!). I canít wait. This country (or at least London) is crampt (sp?), smelly and claustrophobic! Iím off tonight at midnight and should get back about 10:30/11am Sunday.
Canít wait to see everyone again!
Whatís everyone doing for New Year? I was thinking of going (after all that!) to London to a night out whichíll be immense! If youíre interested (quite a few people are) then let me know as the more the merrier!

Wednesday 1st December 2004

Saturday was as good as it could have been! It was THEE best day of my life! Got to Max Power at about 10:30am (see pictures) and stayed till about 4pm. Managed to get home for about 6pm (Max Power was in the center of London) then Rich came round for a bit of pre-age and we headed out at about 9pm. Got completely lost in London and eventually had to ask where some bouncers where the club was and the first thing they said was "not from round here eh!?". We walked 2 miles in the wrong direction! Oops! Anywayz, they called a taxi and we got there for 11pm (see pictures).
THE BIGGEST CUE I HAVE EVER SEEN OR EXPERIENCED IN MY WHOLE LIFE! IT WAS EMENCE! (sp?) So me and Richy walk up (having already bought our tickets), I show my debit card to pick them up and they say "enjoy" and let us stright in! Couldn't believe it! We got in and had a completely indescribable night and got home for about 7/8am. Unbelievable night!
But now because of that partying I've got a huge back log of Maths course work to be in friday (I'll let you know how that goes cause I'm a bit nervous! Jamie!?) and my group (for group work) are getting a little impatient with me! So I've offered to do a tone of work for them! Alison's gonna be in any second now and she'll tell me off if I'm not working so I've got to go now.
See Ya,

Friday 19th November 2004

Hey there. I'm on broadband now! I've been on it for about a week now and its the bees! It's so handy and convenient! So now I can access this site even easier and update it easier. i should have more pictures coming up soon so stay tuned!
Had a poker night last night with Nick, Ben and Gaz which was pretty sweet as I came away 7 quid up! Woohoo! (Although I had to buy the drinks so it didn't last very long!). T'was a very good night though as these guys are still just getting the hang of it so I get to win a little! Not looking forward to playing when I get home as I swearn I've forgotten how to bluff! (If I recall I was never really good at that anyway.....or was I!?).
1 week and a day until the most momentus day of my entire life!
I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet! Me and Rich (Guy from uni) are going to Frantic Vs Wildchild and not ONLY that BUT!......... We're also going to the max power event in the mornig/afternoon! (Ahem..check this out! AWOOHOO! All those cars eh!?
I'm very excited. It's going to be a long-ass day (and quite possibly a very expensive one! But I've been saving!). Anywayz, gotto go get some food cause I'm starved!
P.S. On a completely different note and I don't know if you'll actually care, I found out how to duplicate copy protected CD's, DVD's, Games etc etc, Check It Out

Friday 12th November 2004

Hello, just checking in!
Not loads has happened. I've been going to uni all the time and been going out all the time. Me and my mate Rich were trying to get into a club the other day when the bouncers said "sorry mate, girls and couples only" so we were like "aw man," and then the manager comes out and says to the bouncers, "it's alright lads, I know these guys!" and Bam, we're in! So we chat to him, get him a drink and he says, "you have any more trouble getting in, just say you know me!" Sweet! Now we go there all the time cause it has a late licence, (Get this fellow Scots, theis pub actually stays open until 1am, can you believe that! Phwoar!").
I'm actually missing a lecture just now cause it's cancelled, got up at 7am for a 9'o'clock lecture that's cancelled! I love uni! Just did a maths test the other day out of 100, so far i'm 45/50 (only 1 half's been marked).
Last night at work was great! I show up and theres a power cut so the manager sent everyone home early except me so him and me were just siiting at work in the dark eating mcdonalds all night, great money!
I'm seeing Paulinge and Mother this weekend which'll be nice. We're going out to a well swanky resturaunt on sat night and then the sis is coming to mine for sunday!
Gotta go now!

Monday 1st November 2004

Hello! New year, new website! It would be impossible to tell you everything that's happened between when I last wrote and now but to sum up: Emma and I split up, I went to spain with Kenny, I went on a (for-fun) Duke Of Edinburgh hike around the highlands with the once again reunited a-team (intense banter!) and now I'm here in London, living it up! (or something like that!).

I'm living with Laura and Alison (two flat mates from last year (See Gallery 1) and we have a great time.

The ulcer has gone! After 9 painful months of...(ahem)pain, I can now have my normal diet back and drink booze! (I can already see the beer gut coming on!)

I'm still working at Blockbusters 5 minutes from me. I got transferred to blockbusters in Dundee over the summer (great company!).

I know I'm cutting this short but to be honest,I can't really think of what else to say now so I'm gonna go (plus I've been on the computer for the last 3 hours sorting out this site!). Remember that this site will be updated regularly (every few days to a week). Take care!

P.S. You can let me know what you think in the Guestbook

Tuesday 9th June 2004

Exams are over! Sorry I've not written in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! I've been to busy with the exams. The exams went ok but they're the last things on my mind! (Because they're done!). I'm just working now at blockbusters which I love untill the 24ish of june. After that I'm coming home. I have to move out of halls then and transfer my stuff either home or into storage!

I got my job transferred to dundee, it's in broughtyferry and apparently quite far away so I'm not quite sure what i'm going to do about that! I'm going to try and borrow my dad's truck to get there and back (fingers crossed).

Not much to tell you about as not much is happening any more!

Tuesday 11th May 2004

Hey all, Tradgady has struck, Jamie is no longer able to come down because of his legs (He's got really sore legs, long story). I still get to see Em though which is good and since he's going to Cambridge next Uni-year we'll see each other a lot.

Found out who I'm going to be living with next year. 3 Girls, Emma, Allison and Laura (See My Uni Page for Allison and Laura). Wer have started looking but we wont find anything until the end of Auagust/start of September.

You HAVE to check this out, it's the most pointless but MUST SEE thing ever! Check out This Site and click the fourth picture to the right (it says click here!). It's so cool, you have to do it so I'm not going to tell you what it is!

Saw The Last Samurai last night, it was incredible, a really really really really good film! Well worth taking 2 and a half hours out of your life to go and see! It's up there with The Matrix for me!

Wednesday 5th May 2004
Hey there! I didn't realise I hadn't written in so long! I thought there wouldn't be much to say but there must be something!

I'm not home anymore, I had a fab time back in the old land-of-scots. I felt so welcomed by the fresh air and cold winds coupled with the pouring rain! I didn't do much revison because it turns out my exams aren't until the 27 of May, 1st of June and 3rd of June so I've actually got loads of time now. It also turns out that my two "revision buddies" are sodding off home for the two/three weeks revision time we have (classes end this week)! Great! However I will stay and do loads of revision with no distractions (that's the plan anyway!).

Whilst I was at home I got to drive my dad's truck which was ace! It was the big truck with no bonnet (for those of you that know!) and it was ace fun! I manged to get it up to 60mph once but it sounded like it was gonna blow up! :o)

Home was good, got to meet all my mates again! Got to lose at poker! (well, lost once and broke evn second time!) and got to see Em a lot.

JAMIE'S HOME!!!!! In case you didn't know, Jamie is now back(WELECOME HOME JAMIE!) from his 8 1/2 months in India! (Catch Jamie here on My Mates Page for those of you who don't know him) Hooraa! Em and Jamie are coming down south to visit me on the weekend near the 15th May (I can't remember the exact dates!), so that'll be ace as we're gonna go out on the Saturday night in London which will be cool! (And expensive!)

Expense is no longer a worry to me now though as I am up and running at Blockbuster Video. It's pretty cool and I am thoroughly enjoying my seven free DVD rentals a week! saw S.W.A.T. the other night, it's pretty good. I'm going to see The Last Samurai as well soon.

The old ulcer is still there and sore. There has been some very slow and gradual improvment but on the whole, it's still gonna be ages before it goes! I have to go for another death trip on the 19th of May! I'm so looking forward to that! I'm gonna ask if I can be completely knocked right out!

Anywayz, I've got to go and get the bus so I'll write again soon.


Friday 9th April 2004
Just doing the usual rounds, I was a bit bored since I can't go out so decided to put up a new films add-on page, Scripts has a load of my favourite film scripts and a link to all the scripts you could ever want. I'm trying to write a film myself so I'm reading a few. Many of them are differnt to the films because they change during production, the original script is always better though!

Tuesday 6th April 2004
Due to some technical difficulties, I had to get rid of my old guestbook. For some reason it was not letting anyone put messeges on it. I've changed it now but it's completely empty! It'll probably stay like that but I just thought I'd let you know (wink wink). Check it out at My Guestbook

I'm home now for 3 weeks, still got revision to do though.

Saturday, 28th March 2004
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO! I have to thank my flat mates for the present they got me, it was unbelievable! It was a Kylie Doll! Yeah! And I know some of my mates are gonna ask so I'm just gonna say, she has plastic, un-removable knickers (I know, I was as disapointed as you are!) Still, beggers can't be choosers eh!?

To top that off, I got a job at Blockbusters! So I may be investing in some sort of (how can I put this so I don't get done for copyright?...)DVD data back up system for my own personal use to make back up DVD's incase mine get scratched and NOT for anyone elses benifit. Hope all is well, added my site to a few web rings (as you'll notice) so am getting visiters from Canada and Germany!? Cool eh!? Hey Canada and um,.....Gutentag Germany! (I have no idea if that's how you spell that!).
Have a good one!

Saturday, 24th March 2004
Got a job interview for Blockbusters on friday! How ace would that be!!! Seven free DVD rentals a week! A WooHoo! Can't wait, fingers crossed!

Saturday, 20th March 2004
Just added a new page all about my Uni life at the moment. Check it out.

Thursday, 18th March 2004
FINALLY! I've just figured out how to edit this damn site from the uni computers! I know it's been a while and I apologise to all my addoring fans but I will now be able to update you regularly!

My semester 1 marks came back and I'm happy to say they went quite well: Maths:A+ , Proffesional Practice (law, managment etc.): A+ and Electrical Engineering: A, so I'm quite pleased with that.

I have a physics test to do now in half an hour on very easy things which I did last year at school (nothing new there then!) and it's multiple choice so it should be quite easy. Work is going relativly slowley but I'm getting there, learning at the rate of about 1 item per week! I'm doing a project though where I have to build a wing out of wood and I've just completed that (not to shabby either if I do say so myself! :o) )

In case you haven't heard, I went for a death trip at the hospital where I violently got a tube shoved down my throat so the doctors could see why I've had a sore stomach! (Not a nice experience!). It turns out I have an ulcer which could take up to six months to heal! Woopee! (Sarcasim in case that wasn't obvious!) So I'm a bit bummed at that cause it completly effects my diet. NO drinks (except water and milk), no sweets, crisps etc. Three meals a day and no snacks. It could be worse and I have lost loads of weight (Fat weight , not muscle weight)! The only reason I'm telling you all this is because I was going to talk about what my social life but I don't really have one at the moment because I can't go out (no drink and (Fag)smoke (from other people!) is bad for it too).

I'm able to keep a tab on my site and see how many people visit it (I can't see who visits it though) and It's nice to see people viewing it. It's between about 30 and 50 people per month at the moment. I can see where in the world people view it as well so I can tell when you visit it Jamie! (He's in india). I get a pie chart with 98% GB and 2% India!

Anywayz, I've got a test now so I'd better be off. I'm home on 3rd April for three weeks.

Monday, 26th January 2004
Just made this page to keep ontop of my busy and interesting life! (Not! :o) )
Well, i'm just about to start semester 2 of my first year at Kingston Uni doing Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics. I've recently finished a set of exams, one maths which went quite well, and one electrical engineering (which I hate) which went well (but not as well!) Don't know my marks yet. Just chilling at the moment before I go back to Kingston on saturday the 31st.

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